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Monday, January 7th, 2019

From the desks of Val Wilson & Barry Rodgers

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You can't have failed to notice the panic going on at the minute in IM circles about PayPal, with many well known marketers having their accounts limited or suspended.

Exactly why is anyone's guess, and no one has the definitive answer as to why each account hit problems. But one thing for sure is that violating PayPal's terms and conditions is at the heart of all the issues - so doing everything you can to stay within PayPal's rules is something that EVERYONE should be doing.

Which is why PayPal Ice Time is something you MUST tell your subscribers about!

PayPal IceTime is a video course that covers all the basics of setting up and running your PayPal account so that it does not break any of the basic terms and conditions as set by PayPal.

You can see exactly what's covered on the sales page here, but here are some of the main points

  • Why PayPal is still king
  • Which account is best for you
  • Understanding PayPal's acceptable use policy
  • Why being a verified seller is important
  • Why accessibility is key
  • Why consistency is essential
  • Planning for a launch
  • Dealing with disputes
  • Dealing with limitations and suspensions
  • Recurring payments in PayPal
  • PayPal back office management

We are selling this through Clickbank - if you haven't a Clickbank account you can join for free here 

This is a stand alone product with no upsells, everything is in the front end. It is selling for $17 - and as affiliate you'll earn 75% commission on every sale.

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Is Your PayPay Account Safe?


Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you can't have missed all the hullabaloo about PayPal over the last few weeks.

It seems that Paypal is having a purge of limiting and closing accounts at the moment and, along with some people who clearly deserve it, there are lots of totally ethical and honest marketers getting caught up in the net.

Uncertainty is a horrible thing.

For most of us, Paypal is at the very heart of our business and waking up every day to Facebook posts from marketers that you trust saying they have been nuked is not pleasant.

Why are they doing it? Nobody knows... because Paypal won't tell anyone. That is the worst part.

Having said that, there are some basic things you can do in order to minimize the risk as much as possible.

PayPal Ice Time is a product that teaches "best practices" when dealing with Paypal. 

>> Check it out here

Is this guaranteed to keep your Paypal account safe?

No. No such guarantees exist with PayPal.

BUT there will almost definitely be things in there that you haven't done and it makes sense to fix them BEFORE you get the dreaded email from PayPal.

==>> Here's the link again

Hope this helps


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How To Keep Your PayPal Account Safe... Or At Least SAFER


just a quick reminder about the PayPal training I was telling you about yesterday.

For most of us, PayPal is at the very heart of our online business. All the account limits, suspensions and terminations being talked about on Facebook this last few days makes for very unsettling reading for anyone working online.

A lot of these are unexplained, but they all are caused (in some way or another) by a violation of PayPal's terms and conditions.

So the first thing you MUST do is make sure you set up and run your PayPal account in a way that does not immediately raise any red flags for the PayPal compliance team.

PayPal Ice Time is a short video course which shows you exactly how to do this and teaches "best practices" when dealing with Paypal.

==>> Click here for a full list of what is covered

It is not a new course, it was created by a leading ethical marketer a few years ago.

But the tips and strategies included are still 100% relevant - maybe moreso than ever.

To help as many people as possible remain compliant, the price has been reduced to make it accessible to everyone.

For the price of a cup of a couple of pizzas, you can make sure you are not making any silly mistakes that are putting your PayPal account at risk.

Personally, I think it would be madness not to grab this if you use PayPal at all.

It will NOT guarantee your account is safe - no one can do that. But it will definitely help keep you on the right side.

==>> Full Details Here

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Given everything that is going on with PayPal just now, this will convert like gangbusters - and your subscribers will thank you for recommending it.

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