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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Dear Fellow WordPress User,

No matter what sort of site you want to put up, WordPress is an awesome platform. It’s free to install, really easy to use with its simple interface, and SO versatile – with tens of thousands of plugins, themes and templates, you can do most anything you want with WordPress.

No wonder there are over 70 million WordPress sites in the world.

But… and there’s always a but…

Because it is so popular, and because it has so many addons and adaptations available, WordPress sites can be really easy pickings for hackers.


There are countless examples every day of WP sites being hacked. Look on any internet forum and you’ll find one horror story after another. Sites are being hacked every single day.

Maybe, like most site owners, you think hacking is something that happens to others.

Why Would Anybody Want To Hack My Site?

Sadly, there are lots of reasons why a hacker might attack your site.

Maybe to steal your commissions… or to access your email or bank details… or more often than not, just for the hell of it. The sad truth is


What most people don’t realize is that hackers don’t target sites for any noble political, social or even personal reasons. They target them because they’re vulnerable and in their own warped way, it’s fun.

That’s it… it’s just a game to them.

I wish I could say there’s no need for you to be worried about your WordPress sites being hacked… but chances are you are one of the 90% of WP users who has not done nearly enough to secure your site.

Which means you are fair game for the hackers out there.

Once in, hackers can

  • Insert links on your site to other sites – often to porn or gambling sites
  • Add software to your site so they can get access to your passwords and other confidential information without you knowing it
  • Crash the entire site – usually just for the hell of it
  • Lock you out of your own site
  • Redirect visitors to their own site
  • Replace your affiliate links with their own
  • Infect your computer with viruses

So it is not just that getting your site hacked is a nuisance – it is MUCH more than that.

Lost revenue, lost rankings, having your site hacked can even get your site shut down by your web host.

And when it happens, you’ll feel violated, you’ll feel vulnerable, you’ll feel that you are not in control.

And I haven’t even mentioned all the time and effort needed to get your site back up again.



  • You CAN safeguard your sites and your income.
  • You CAN stop the hackers – before they stop you.
  • You CAN put your sites out of reach of people who want to destroy them


The hackers get in for one reason, and one reason only…. because of weaknesses in the way you set up your site.

The vulnerability of your WordPress sites is caused by the plugins you install, the themes you use, the changes you make. Set all this up properly, and you CAN make your WordPress sites safe… but only if you know how.

And that is where I can help…




WP Security Essentials is a series of 8 videos that show you exactly what you need to do to secure your WP sites. Truth is, it is not that difficult to put the hackers off and so protect your WP sites… but you do need to know what to do.

WP Security Essentials covers everything you need to know about making your WordPress site secure.

WP Security Essentials

Here’s a full rundown of what you get.

  • Video 1: Protect Your Computer

This is the first line of defence simply because malware and viruses on your computer can transfer to your WP site without your knowledge. This video shows you the best way to protect your computer – for free!

  • Video 2: Web Server Vulnerabilities

Often overlooked, but the security of your webhost is crucial to your WP security – learn how to check if your webhost is vulnerable.

  • Video 3: WP Database Backups

Backups are essential – learn how and exactly when to do database backups.

  • Video 4: Secure File & Directory Permissions

File and directory permissions affect your WP security – learn exactly how to change the permissions of files and folders the right way.

  • Video 5: Updating Software

Updating WP software is one of the first lines of defence. But updating your software often isn’t as easy as 1-2-3 – this video shows you what ‘could’ happen, and how to combat it.

  • Video 6: Firewalls

How to protect whole WP sites with firewalls and block out spam bots – this will protect you from the most common type of hacking, a ‘brute force attack’.

  • Video 7: Monitoring Your Files

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to monitor your files and get notified if someone edited your files without permission? You’ll learn that and more in this video.

  • Video 8: WordPress Security Plugins

What are the essential WordPress security plugins? Here we compare the different security plugins available, and show you exactly how to use the best ones to detect malware in your site before it’s too late.

These videos will teach you everything you need to know about securing your WordPress 3.x site.

Why deal with your sites being hacked AFTER the event? Why not do everything possible to PREVENT the hackers getting in in the first place?


WordPress Security Essentials will put your prevention measures in the top 10% of all WP sites.

Can I guarantee that your site will be 100% safe?

Of course not. No-one can.

But I can show you how to bulletproof your sites and make them the safest they can possibly be. Follow these steps, and you will make it as difficult as possible for the hacker, so they simply give up and go looking for the next easy victim… someone who hasn’t taken the necessary precautions covered in WP Security Essentials.


How much is the protection of your sites worth to you?

How do you put a value on peace of mind?

It’s priceless.

If you don’t take the necessary steps to avoid losing your sites, you will stand to lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost time, lost revenue…. and pure heartache.

But of course, I’m not going to charge hundreds of dollars to give your the security you need.


If you act today, you’ll get WP Security Essentials for only $17

I think you’ll agree this is chump change considering what is at stake here.

Remember, the reality is that hackers will always go after the ‘low hanging fruit’ that all the other unsecured WP sites still give them. By grabbing these videos today, you can put your sites out of reach, and quickly and easily protect them from these low-life hackers.

Please, do NOT wait until your site has been hijacked or destroyed, all your hard work is lost, and your income stream cut off. Get these videos now – and let others worry about the hackers out there.

Now, I think this is already a pretty irresistible offer.

But just to really sweeten the deal…

Act Now and you’ll also get included, absolutely free

The Clean Sweep Anti Virus Handbook


This is essential reading for all Windows users. Sean Sorrell has taken his 10+ years of experience building and fixing PC’s, and used this expert knowledge to create this 3 step guide on how you can wipe out any and every virus – for FREE.

He’ll show you exactly how to get rid of viruses, remove annoying adware, and fix almost any software issue yourself – all without paying your local squad of geeks hundreds of dollars for something that takes less than an hour. Put your fear of viruses to bed for good!

This awesome guide alone is worth $27, but buy WP Security Essentials today and you get it for FREE!


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed


So, what have you got to lose?

You really can’t afford NOT to invest in WP Security Essentials.

The truth is, it will only be a matter of time before a hacker tries to strike against your WP website. The important question is… will you be ready?

Don’t miss out and then pay for it later – click the button below and get your copy now.



To your success,

Val Wilson



PS Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose because of our 60 day money back guarantee.

Hackers, like thieves, or bullies, or dogs in the street attack easy prey. They attack those that they perceive to be weak and vulnerable.

And with over 70 million potential victims it won’t be too long before they find one… you just have to make sure it’s not you.

Grab a copy of WP Security Essentials now and secure your sites, your income, and your future today.